1:00 AM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificSand Palace; Zoo DayPinkalicious builds a sand palace for the sand castle competition; Pinkalicious and Peter bring their stuffed bears to the zoo for Teddy Bear Day.
2:00 AM
Nature CatBunyan Trouble; Foggy FeatNature Cat and his friends explore the great outdoors.
2:30 AM
Nature CatLet's Talk Turkey Vultures; Prescription: NatureNature Cat and his pals meet two turkey vultures; Hal tries to build a Squeak-a-saurus Rex but the model keeps breaking apart.
3:00 AM
Wild KrattsSeahorse RodeoMartin and Chris uncover a plot by Donita Donata to capture sea horses to make living jewelry.
3:30 AM
Wild KrattsSpeaking DolphineseDecoding the secret language of dolphins.
4:00 AM
Odd SquadBack to the Past; Odd Squad Needs YouOlympia, Otis, Oscar and Oona are accidentally transported to the future; Odd Squad is asked to make a recruitment commercial.
4:30 AM
Odd SquadMid-day in the Garden of Good and Odd; Failure to LunchThe agents turn to Odd Todd for help when things in town get covered in jam; agents have a hard time relaxing at lunch.
6:00 AM
Fetch! With Ruff RuffmanDon't Put the Kart Before the Sea LionJulia works as the pit crew chief for a professional junior go-karter; Taylor trains sea lions at the New England Aquarium.
6:30 AM
CyberchaseAn Urchin MatterThe CyberSquad explores why the once-healthy kelp in Big Bay is washing ashore.