11:00 AM
Clifford the Big Red DogClifford's Carnival; Clifford's Doggy ReunionThe group organizes a carnival; cousin Laura and her dog visit.
1:30 PM
Splash and BubblesMo's Sunburn; Imagin-OceanDunk's cousin Mo wants to get away from the sun, so the kids take him to the Arctic -- which proves too cold for him; Splash and friends pretend to be other fish.
3:30 PM
Pinkalicious & PeterrificPink Lemonade; Pink ShoesPinkalicious and Peter start a lemonade stand to save money for art supplies and toys; Pinkalicious makes a new pair of sneakers.
5:00 PM
Let's Go Luna!Bob the Plant; Aren't We a Pair?Leo must find out what is wrong with his plant, Bob; Carmen makes a friend in Cairo who teaches her about Egypt.