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Pittsburgh Cello Quartet - May 5, 2017

The Pittsburgh Cello Quartet,all members of the Pittsburgh Symphony: Bronwyn Banerdt, Michael DeBruyn, Charlie Powers and Alexandra Allie Thompson appear at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont for the Pittsburgh Performs series of Chamber Music Pittsburgh Thrusday May 11 at 7pm in a family friendly concert with the concession stand open and BYOB in effect. The music is by Alexandre Tansman, Peter Schickele, Billy Joel, Wagner, Guns N Roses and Henry Mancini.  Pay what you wish with a suggested donation of $10.  412-624-4129 chambermusicpittsburgh.org and the QED cultural calendar for more.

Raggs to Riches - May 5, 2017

Angelo Ragghianti was a member of CMU's The Originals for 2.5 years as a tenor. Since then, Angelo has been actively pursuing a solo career in pop music. In anticipation of his upcoming EP release, he is putting on a concert at Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts on Sunday May 7th at 8pm.   WQED-FM intern Sophie Thompson talked to "AJ" about the concert and his new EP.

Resonance Works Pittsburgh - Falstaff - May 5, 2017

This Friday (May 12th) at 8pm and Sunday (May 14th) at 3pm, Resonance Works presents Verdi's "Falstaff" at the Charity Randall Theater in Oakland.  WQED-FM's Anna Singer chats with Maria Sensi Sellner, Stephanie Havey and Joseph Gaines about the production.

Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestra - May 2, 2017

Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestra Music Director John Wilcox and Executive Director Lindsey Nova join Lincoln Park Performing Arts High school  clarinet Sydney Ellison and french horn Maya Waller from North Allegheny High School to discuss their upcoming concert with  renowned local artist Baron Batch who will participate in the final concert of the season, along with a number of other special guests. A highlight of the concert will feature a  performance of Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring  with original narration performed by Baron Batch alongside James Wilcox, son of the Music Director. The concert, titled “Dances and Epic Adventures” will take place on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at the Carnegie Music Hall of Oakland at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are required but are free to download from www.trypo.org.

Nanette Kaplan Solomon - May 2, 2017

On May 9th, 1pm at Rodef Shalom's Levy Hall the Tuesday Music Club present a 150th Birthday Tribute concert for Amy Beach.  Pianist Nanette Kaplan Solomon will play music by Amy Beach.   She stopped by WQED-FM to talk about the concert as well as play a short selection.



Christopher Hahn - Apr 28, 2017

Christopher Hahn, General Director of Pittsburgh Opera, talks about bringing the first world premiere in Pittsburgh Opera's history to the Benedum with "The Summer King."

Denyce Graves - Apr 28, 2017

Denyce Graves talks about her role of "Grace" in Pittsburgh Opera's production of "The Summer King."


Alfred Walker - Apr 28, 2017

Alfred Walker sings the role of "Josh Gibson" in Pittsburgh Opera's World Premiere production of "The Summer King."   Walker talks about his role as well as the difficulty of the music in the opera.

Daniel Sonenberg and Sam Helfrich - Apr 28, 2017

Composer Daniel Sonenberg and Stage Director Sam Helfrich talk about putting on the world premiere of "The Summer King" by Pittsburgh Opera.


Kaylyn Shearer - Kamraton Ensemble - Apr 27, 2017

Oboe and founding member of the Kamraton Ensemble Kaylyn Shearer fills us in on the Spring concert premiering music by Pittsburgh composers Mark Fromm, Jean-Patrick Besigrand, and Curtis Rumrill. Including works by Charles Ives. $10 suggested donation. At the Irman Freeman Center in Lawrenceville on Sunday May 7th, 3:30pm.


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